Since 2011 ee- FiT has been supplying and installing all types of Insulation and energy efficiency products for residential &commercial builders as well as homeowners.

Our services incorporate the supply and fit of wall wraps, thermal &acoustic insulation, pipe lagging, whirly birds, skylights and eave vents. ee-FiT also offer a comprehensive energy assessment service to builders and homeowners.

The ee-FiT Team

The ee-FiT team employs over 100 people across Queensland, and Victoria.

Call the ee-FiT team today at:

Queensland office (07) 3552 3100

Victorian office (03) 9797 1247

Installation Safety and Training

All ee-FiT installers are subject to rigorous training on the correct installation of Insulation.

All installers are trained and assessed against the installation guidelines set out in ICANZ Insulation Handbook Part 2 – Installation Guide which is recognised as the industry standard for insulation installation to ceilings, walls and floor. (Click here to visit the ICANZ website)

Prior to any installation being undertaken each job site/home is also subject to a comprehensive risk assessment.

You can be sure that you are in safe hands with ee-FiT installers.


Sustainability refers to measures that satisfy the needs of the people today while enhancing the quality of life for future generations.

The demands on non-renewable resources for the production of energy are not sustainable without compromising the environment. Insulation correctly specified and installed, is one of the most critical products in improving energy efficiency and reducing the levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

ee-FiT is committed to providing environmentally sustainable products. The Glasswool products we use utilise approximately 80% recycled waste glass in the production of glasswool insulation.

The products we offer comply with the GreenStar, Insulant ODP Emissions credit requirement, avoiding the use of ozone depleting substances in both manufacture and composition.