Ceiling Insulation

For most buildings insulation is the simplest, most effective and cheapest way to make the built environment more energy efficient, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It can save up to 40 per cent in heating and cooling bills. Insulation can also reduce condensation on walls and ceilings, and may lead to improved health outcomes. Contact Us for a Quote.

Insulating the ceiling is the most cost effective and efficient way to improve the energy consumption within most buildings. Ceiling insulation, along with wall insulation, can be one of the easiest ways for a new building to reach a 5 Star Rating.

Wall Insulation

Installed to external walls insulation increases the barrier from the external elements and can also help increase the efficiency of Air-Conditioning. Insulation can also be installed to internal walls for the same purpose.

ee-FiT recommends and installs the following Thermal Insulation Brands that are used in Ceiling and Wall applications:

Underfloor Insulation

Installed under subfloor, high density underfloor is easy to install new build, renovation and retrofit applications. An underfloor insulation solution provides outstanding thermal performance, reduces heat transfer between suspended floors and reduces your heating energy use.

ee-FiT recommends and installs the following Underfloor Insulation Brands:

  • CosyFloor®
  • Pink® Floor Batts
  • Sisalation® FoamCell for Underfloor

MSDS's are available for this product upon request. Please contact ee-FiT to discuss on 1800 4 ee-FiT or info@eefit.com.au.