Wrapping a house during the build process is essential to ensure you avoid weather related issues that can delay your construction schedule.



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House Wrapping made eeZY

The wrapping process should be quick and simple, enabling your trades to complete internal works such as electrical wiring and the installation of insulation and plasterboard, even before the first brick is laid. That’s why we’ve developed our patented, revolutionary eeZY Wrap® system.

Unlike traditional industry standard scaffold systems, our expertly engineered eeZY Wrap® system has been designed to be lightweight, portable and quick to assemble and disassemble when the job is complete.

The system enables a two person team to work quickly and safely, fully wrapping a double storey home in just 1/2 a day*. This can reduce your build time by up to 2 weeks*, saving you time and money and ensuring your project stays on track.

Our ee-Fit installers are fully trained and experienced with the eeZY Wrap® system and take pride in their work. You can rest assured we’ll meet your expectations for every project.

*May vary depending on house design

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What are

the benefits?

  • A two storey house can be safely wrapped in just 1/2 a day*.
  • eeZY Wrap® is fully engineered and tested to exceed AS/NZS standards, resulting in a leading edge and safe system for any project.
  • Complete your internal works before the first brick is laid saving you time and money.
  • The eeZY Wrap® system design and operating features are more versatile and flexible than any competitive system and can be used on virtually any house design.
  • Reduce your total build time by up to 2 weeks*.
  • The ee-FiT eeZY Wrap® system is fully expandable so as you grow we can accommodate with additional sets to meet your demand.

* May vary depending on house design.